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Hello and welcome to Amana
Where our mission is to provide our clients safe vehicles to grow their savings. Amana is Swahili for "entrusting something of value to another". Our clients entrust their money, their financial goals and their future financial security with us. We try our best never to betray that trust.

Saving for Income

Saving for Income is design for clients who seek regular income. Saving in income generating vehicles seeks to preserve capital as a main goal with modest income. Amana creates an income portfolio of assets specifically tailored to maximize the annual passive cash streams generated by the holdings.
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Saving for Growth

Saving For Growth is primarily focused on capital appreciation. This type of saving seeks to grow clients funds higher than a predetermined benchmark. This saving style is more long term as time will smoothen out short term market volatilities. Amana Creates a portfolio of high growth equities, bonds, I-Reits in line with the firm’s investment philosophy
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Income and Growth Saving

For savers who need to balance between growing capital and still being liquid enough to maintain a steady cashflow stream, income and growth saving style achieves that by balancing the portfolio to take advantage of growth potential but keep the fund income earning capacity intact. Amana creates a portfolio of dividend earning equities and high yield income securities in line with the firm’s investment philosophy
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Who are we?

Amana Capital is a digital retail fund manager, giving the investor of moderate means the same advantage, opportunity and access just like the huge capitalist, through pulling of funds in the region ally diversified Amana Collective investment Scheme funds. Amana Capital has been in the fund management business for 14 years offering clients a trusted place to grow savings over time.


How do we invest?

We invest and manage the funds entrusted to us as if they were are own. Our investment process is governed by three principles:

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Specialization
We thrive for long term cumulative growth and not short-term gains, we therefore do not chase after unsustainable profits and business growth, but invest in industries we believe have steady future growth.


Our Handshake

    We will be Honest in all our dealings We thrive to cultivate Mutual Trust between you and us We will invest your savings in Reliable and Secure investments We are here for the long term

Saving Advice

Before making any saving, it is always good to seek saving advice. Saving advice will assist you in:

  • Understanding your risk appetite (risk profiling tool is part of the on boarding steps at Amana)
  • Help you evaluate your true disposable income
  • Help you evaluate the risks involved in the different savings
  • Ensure your savings are congruent with your current circumstances
  • Help you plan your cashflow

Your savings are hard earned and saving advice from a qualified person will help you achieve the above and also plan your savings, as Benjamin Franklin said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” If you are comfortable investing follow the link Invest Now, if you want to talk to an saving advisor please go to contact us