Hi,we are Amana
Capital Limited

Hi,we are Amana
Capital Limited

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Amana Capital Limited has been licensed and regulated by the Capital Markets Authority as a Fund Manager since 2003 and by the Retirement Benefits Authority since 2004. We manage money on behalf of individuals, families and corporate organizations. All the assets under our management are kept under a safe custody arrangement by a custodian bank licenced as such by the CMA. In this way, in the unlikely event that Amana Capital was to go out of business, all our client assets are safe. There is absolutely no co-mingling of our own funds with the funds that we manage.


To be the largest digital retail fund manager in East Africa


Our Mission is to give investors of moderate means the same advantage as large capitalists.


In November 2004, Amana Capital was also registered with the Retirement Benefits Authority as a manager of retirement benefit schemes and has remained a licencee of the RBA since then. Towards the close of 2005, the company re-branded to Amana Capital Limited, in recognition of the need to re-position the company appropriately. In 2006 we launched “MyPension”, the Amana Personal Pension Plan, a first by a fund manager in Kenya. In 2010 we launched the Amana Unit Trust Funds Scheme specifically targeted at investors of moderate means with the lowest account opening balance in Kenya at the time In 2011 we launched the Amana Umbrella Pension Scheme, the first group pension scheme sponsored by a fund manager in Kenya targeting small & medium size enterprises In 2012 Wilken Africa Limited, a 50-year old Kenyan investment company invested in Amana Capital


Our investment philosophy is governed by three principles; Quality, Consistency and Specialization. Every investment decision we make should pass the QCS test


Quality embodies elements of: Process, system, continual improvement, factual and Customer centric. Quality underpins our investment processes in their entirety. We do not seek ultra-high returns from compromising the quality of the investment we make. Quality being our philosophy our investments are always customer focused, this leads us to research and understand our customer needs and expectations and tailor investments solutions accordingly. Our investments follow a systematic process and are not reactionary but well managed and defined to obtain the desired results. We focus on facts when making decisions on what to invest in or de-invest in. We continually review our processes for improvement. The sum totality of quality is we are able to effectively manage variations to expectations and not expose our client’s funds to unmanageable, unexpected and excessive risk.


The by product of one of our investment philosophies, quality, is Consistency. Being a systematic process-oriented investment driven fund manager, we aim at providing our clients with consistent returns. We don’t seek to be in the lower percentile neither in the upper percentile, we seek on maintaining moderate risk adjusted returns consistently. The natural result of this is that our clients will enjoy long term cumulative returns to their investment which eventually will be above market standards but of a higher quality.


For us to achieve quality and consistency, we have to must our trade and one of the processes for us to master out trade is specialization. We invest in the banking, insurance, telecom, energy and IT sectors. We horn our skills and knowledge in these sectors and gain in-depth understanding of how they function, what drives companies that are in those sectors. On the fixed income side of the business we look at 5-10-year tenures. We focus on the African market and seek to invest in the continent. Specialization also helps us invest our client’s funds in the right mix. Through specialization we will be able to have superior knowledge of companies and not relay on market timing and economic guessing investment methods.